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Hi there! Welcome to Whitney Marie UK Tumblr Blog! We are a highly succesful hair extensions company, selling 100% Virgin Human hair from Brazil, Peru and others! On this blog we give tips, reviews and general information about anything and everything to do with hair! Have a read and we know you will enjoy!


Virgin hair care!

Here are our best tips for taking care of our virgin hair extensions.

- Wide Tooth Comb.

Make this your best friend! A wide tooth comb is perfect for hair extensions, especially curls. It is much gentler on the hair and will prevent any natural shedding that could take place.

- Seal the wefts.

If you have cut your wefts you must seal them with weft sealer. If not, they can shed.
- Deep condition.

Deep conditioning is a God send for our extensions! We recommend Organix Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo and conditioner. You can also mix the Organix Nourishing Coconut milk conditioner for a good deep condition. We suggest a deep condition every 2 weeks to keep them in the best condition.

-Wrap your hair.

Before sleeping, we always recommend wrapping your hair up. It will stop any damage to the hair.
- Oil is your friend.

Oils are a great nourishment for our extensions. It leaves them to sleek and shiny! We recommend the John Frieda range, Argan Oil or Olive Oil Sheen Spray.
-Protect against heat.

As our virgin hair extensions are heat friendly they are great for curling and/or straightening. However, you must take care! Heat protection sprays must be used before heat is applied. We recommend John Frieda Frizz-ease heat defeat protective styling spray. It’s perfect and very light. 

Get this look with our virgin Brazilian Loose Wave hair!

Get this look with our virgin Brazilian Loose Wave hair!

10 tips to increase shine on your hair!

Here a just a few tips to keep your hair shiny and beautiful!

1. Deep condition at least once a week to keep your hair strong. Hair that’s generally bouncy will be shiny. You should wrap your hair in cling film when deep conditioning to open up the cuticles, letting the product seep into the depths of your hair.
2. Use a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of unwanted product build-up. Too much product in the hair can make it feel heavy and look dull. Once a month, give it a deep clean
3. Blast your hair with cold water once you have rinsed out all your conditioner. This helps to close the hair’s cuticles and creates a better shine for each individual hairs.
4. Reduce hot tool usage as applying heat to the hair dries it out and ruins its elasticity. Over-heated hair breaks more easily and creates split ends.
5. Always direct the nozzle of your hairdryer down the hair from root to tip. By doing this you keep the cuticle closed, smooth and shiny.
6. Swap your normal brush for a bristle brush. The bristles grip the hair tightly, pulling your lengths straight and flattening the cuticle at the same time. Flattened cuticles are more likely to make your hair shine.
7. Add a semi-permanent colour to your hair – it’s a healthier alternative to permanent colour and makes hair look glossy and healthy.
8.  Invest in a good hair oil which will absorb easily into damp or dry hair. It helps your locks and creates a brilliant gloss that lasts all day, leaving you with super-supple tresses.
9. Get a professional blow dry once a week. A good salon blow dry will last longer than one you can do yourself. It also prevents you from over-straightening and heat-treating your hair through the week.
10. Use a good serum if your hair is dry and frizzy. Thicker than many oils, a serum will add weight to frizzy or coarse hair leaving it much more manageable.

Up do hairstyles!

As spring is creeping around the corner, it is beginning to get warmer! Yay! 

Up do hairstyles become much more popular in warmer weather, so here is a few of our favorites!

This half up half down look is so cute and summery! Messy hair with a small fishtail plait. 

Another lovely half up half down hairstyle. This time two plaits made either side of the head, crossed over to make this lovely horizontal plait bundle.

Taylor swifts loose side bun is so prefect for spring time! Messy yet effective. I think you will need quite a few bobby pins for this look!

Now this is one is very professional! Something that would be worn down a cat walk! We still love it though. Two braids crossed over to create a hear shaped look. So lovely!
Whats your favourite hairstyle for spring and summer? Let us know!

Customer photo! Rocking our Clip in extensions blonde (colour 613). Get yours now!

Customer photo! Rocking our Clip in extensions blonde (colour 613). Get yours now!

A few names for different hair pattern designs!

A few names for different hair pattern designs!

10 ways to keep your scalp healthy!

A healthy scalp is very important! Here are 10 tips to keep it at its healthiest!
1. Regularly wash.

To keep your scalp healthy, it needs to shed its skin. If not, the hair follicles can become clogged. Washing your scalp will help this to happen naturally. The skin particles are not visible to the eye but disappear with regular cleansing.
2. Tone it up!

It may sound strange, but your scalp needs to be undersized along with the rest of your body. Your scalp needs to be toned and elastic in order to work correctly. Massaging using your finger tips is a good exercise for your scalp. It bring fresh oxygenated blood to the follicles.
3. Don’t over apply.

Your hair and scalp is very smart, it produces it own natural hair protector and moisturizer called sebum. However, sometimes it is not enough to battle modern day colorants and/or styling products. Other products are then used to moisturize and protect the hair. This is all well and good, however try not to over-apply especially on the scalp to prevent it getting clogged up.
4. Sensibility in the sun.

The sun is great for Vitamin D, everyone knows that! However, UVA and UVB rays can cause sunburn to your scalp as well as your skin. Too much sun can also dry out your scalp a lot. You can get UV Protection hairspray which is very useful for hot weather.
5.  Harsh chemicals are not good!

We all love to experiment with new hair products, but you must take care. If you have a sensitive scalp, steer clear of products which contain ammonium or sodium layurul sulphate. Colour treatments can also have a negative effect on your scalp, to be sure to read the ingredients before purchasing!
6. Trust the instructions.

DIY hair dyes are a common product these days! It is an inexpensive easy thing to do but you must take them seriously! Read the instructions and follow them directly. They are there for your safety. For example, the timings of how long to leave a dye/treatment on is crucial for achieving a pleasing result and to prevent damage to your hair and scalp.

7. A balanced diet.

If you’re in a good health, one of the signs of showing this is healthy hair. If you feel your hair is brittle or dull you may want to change some simple things to your diet to see a great change. Hair follicles thrive on protein, complex carbohydrates, fatty acids and vitamins. Add ingredients such as fish, lean meat, eggs and nuts to your diet. And don’t forget fruit and veg!

8. Organic brands are good.

If you seem to be struggling with a sensitive scalp, or you feel occasional dandruff and tingling after coloring, you may need to switch to certified organic products. They are much more gentler on the hair, often made without harsh chemicals and use natural ingredients.  

9. Oil based treats!

Oil based products are popular in the market today, and are now made light enough to massage into the scalp and hair lengths. This will improve condition all round. You may need to trial a few from different shelves until you find one suited for your hair type. 

10. Hairdryer’s are not the answer!

You can cause a lot of damage to your hair and scalp by simply blow drying it. Excessive blow drying, more so with high temperatures and very close to the scalp, can easily burn the skin. It also zaps the scalp of its natural moisture very quickly. Let your hair dry naturally every now and again. It’s good to give your scalp a rest from the heat!